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An award-winning real-time strategy video game set during World War II

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Company of Heroes is a World War II game that was released in 2006 and holds the distinction of being one of the first games released under the Windows Games label. As a real-time strategy game, Company of Heroes puts players in control of an army base with which they must gather resources and carefully plan their assault against the enemy computer or player. In terms of critical reception, Company of Heroes is widely held as one of the best real-time strategy games to be released in 2006, and continues to generate sales to this day. Players interested in exploring an alternative to the traditional mechanics of a real-time strategy game should look into Company of Heroes and its expansions, as it remains one of the most unique in the genre.


  • Includes a unique resource gathering method that involves capturing various points on the map.
  • The campaign is based entirely around famous battles from World War II.
  • Realistic combat mechanics that emphasize tactics and squad management.
  • Patches and mods are still being released to this day, allowing the graphics and game balance to constantly improve without spending additional money to keep it competitive to modern games.
  • As a franchise, Company of Heroes is still being supported to this day, making this a great entry for new players into the series.


  • Dated graphics, though expansions continue to improve upon this.
  • The battle system has a learning curve that can make battles last an unusually long time.
  • Despite being based around World War II, there isn't much variety for the different factions.
  • Without any expansions, the game only supports two different factions: America and Germany.
  • The basic campaign is short and only includes a handful of battles; players that wish to fight across the different landscapes of World War II will need to invest in numerous expansions to access all of the available content.

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